Find Out More About Crystals and Their Powerful Healing Properties

Crazy Agate

Balances and protects. Brings joy. Absorbs emotional pain.

Dendritic Agate

Brings abundance to all areas of life. Deepens connection to the Earth. Heals the nervous ...

Desert Jasper

Ancient earth energy. Promotes discovery of true self. Facilitates inner balance. Reduces stress.

Dragon’s Blood Stone

Heart healer. Comforting in times of grief and mourning. Calms the mind, grounds the heart. ...


Very high vibration. Increases intuition, activates unique psychic abilities. Enhances mental capabilities, expands enlightenment.


Counteracts mental disorders. Stabilizes emotions. Improves physical balance and coordination. Relieves pain and repairs DNA. ...


Grounds and instills courage. Increases metabolism, balances sexual libido, and refreshes the heart. Sharpens perception.


Promotes joy and courage Improves risk evaluation. Encourages ambition, drive, and creativity. Reduces stress.

Green Agate

Enhances mental and emotional flexibility. Improves decision making. Useful in resolving disputes.

Green Aventurine

Comforts, heals, and protects all levels of the heart. Brings well-being and emotional calm. Heart ...