Captivating Journey and Heritage Stories

Thank you so much for visiting White Crow. This is the first store I've ever had, so thank you for showing me grace as I build and refine it. Here are a few things that are in the works:

Expansion into clothing for everybody - from extra small to 4X, is coming soon. I find it annoying when I have to adjust and tug and battle with whatever I'm wearing all day. It's so distracting.

White Crow will sell clothing that makes you feel fabulous and is so comfortable you will hardly even feel it next to your skin. Well-made and affordable items that will be your go-to pieces for years to come. Nothing frumpy, boring, or tragic. With a little luck, we're gonna get older. Let's wear clothes that make every day feel like it is something to celebrate - because it is!

The White Crow line of blessing and protection items will continue to expand. There will be more handmade and custom-order items available in the coming months, including prayer beads, rosaries, and jewelry. Soaps, lotions, balms, tinctures, and other handcrafted items are on the way as well.

The crystal shop will, of course, continue to increase as we discover new things. There's always new things to discover with crystals!

The holiday lines will ebb and flow with the seasons. The home decor stuff will expand over time as well.

Whenever I stumble across something cool, or the advisory board (the grandkids) provide info on the hottest trends, I will add those as well.

Finally, if there's something you'd like to see in the store, shoot me an email - I'll see what can be done.

Wishing You Peace of Mind and Joy in Today,
(Ma White Crow)

Crystals and stones in a circle with a purple background.
A black and white photo of a woman in an ornate frame.

Inspired by Grandma Polly

The stunning lady depicted in this portrait is none other than Grandma Polly, a Cherokee maiden hailing from the picturesque state of Tennessee. With her unmatched beauty and grace, she not only holds the esteemed title of my great, great-grandmother, but also serves as the driving force behind the creation of our beloved little emporium. Inspired by her captivating spirit and heritage, we have fashioned a space that embodies the essence of her remarkable legacy.