Red Obsidian

Red Obsidian

Raises the kundalini energy. Promotes vitality, virility, and brotherhood. Treats fevers and chills. Root chakra...
Blue Apetite

Blue Apetite

Aids in calcium absorption, heals bones. Facilitates connection in prayers and meditation.
Blue Agate - Copy

Blue Agate

Grounding. Relaxing. Soothes the throat and helps put your thoughts into words.
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Brings joy, enhances vitality. Clears and energizes all chakras. Balances hormones, relieves arthritis. Solar and...
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Smoky Quartz

Excellent for grounding/anchoring yet raises vibrations for mediation. Relieves fears and depression. Aids acceptance of...
66295b4d278ec_Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian

Balances body, mind, and spirit. Improves vascular and skeletal health. Promotes centering.


Brings order and calm to the mind. Encourages rational thought and verbalization of feelings. Balances...
Tigers Eye chip

Tiger’s Eye

Grounding, promotes clarity. Aids in healing personality disorders. Balances Yin and Yang. Heals the eyes,...


Builds strong relationships. Helps organize thoughts. Calms anxiety and fear. Brings strength to persevere.
66295c74a9ce7_Tree Agate

Tree Agate

Brings a sense of peace and tranquility. Boosts immune system and balances the waters of...